Thursday, October 24, 2013

Joseph Boyden's visit and an interview on CBC Radio 2

Joseph Boyden and I

I had the great pleasure of meeting Joseph Boyden this Monday during a book tour he was doing for his new novel, The Orenda. It was a brief conversation, as there was a long line behind me, but I'm glad he still remembered the coffee table book I sent almost a year ago now. The Orenda is definitely on my reading list, and I hope we stay in touch, if only through Twitter.

On the same day, my interview about Cree Star Blanket aired on the local CBC morning show, On The Island with Gregor Craigie. It was a pre-taped segment done the previous Thursday, and it was nostalgic being back in my old Social Studies classroom at my high school with two of my former teachers. However, I'm glad I escaped the smell of sweat and AXE body spray that permeated the place. Listen to the interview here:

Adrian is off to Manitoba now. All I can do is wait for good news.

More to come.

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